Verizon Headquarters and Corporate Office Info

Verizon Communications is the United States largest telecommunication company and the second one in the world. Its main activities are stationary and mobile telephone communication services, broadband access to the Internet, digital television and network services, global Internet protocol of the backbone network.

More than 70% of the revenue are generated by the Verizon Wireless subsidiary, which is engaged in selling the third and fourth generation mobile services and the sale of modems and mobile phones.

Verizon Communications is headquartered in Manhattan, New York.

The history of Verizon Communications starts in 1983 with the foundation of Bell Atlantic, which was one of the seven companies created after AT&T Corporation was forced to abandon its control over Bell System by the US Ministry of Justice order.

In 2000, Bell Atlantic merged with GTE Corporation, the largest United States operator of telephone communications. The new company was named Verizon Communications.

Today, the chairman and the chief executive officer of Verizon Communications is Lowell McAdam working in the company since 2000.
Now, Verizon Communications has a turnover of more than $131.62 billion, net profit of more than $18.375 billion and about 180 thousand employees.

Verizon Communications has established a charity foundation. The foundation management pays much attention to non-profit organizations making emphasis on the education, family violence prevention and energy management.
It creates and implements innovative programs for teacher professional development and wireless equipment provision for students. The company also provides grants and mobile phones to the violence victims.
Under the initiative on the company’s carbon emission 50 percent decrease by 2020, Verizon has announced its scheduled investments into solar battery panels and natural gas fuel elements in its objects. The power capacity increase will make Verizon Communications the leading solar electricity producer among the United States companies.