How to Reach Kia Customer Service

You can reach Kia customer service by dialing their 800 support number which is 1-800-333-4542. Live customer service is available via this number Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 9pm, Saturday: 9am - 1pm, Sunday: Closed..

You can also contact the company headquarters via 1-949-468-4800. Please note that this is not a customer support 800 number but a phone number form Kia corporate office.

Kia Customer Service on Social Networks

You can also reach Kia customer service via social networks. You can reach Kia Facebook page at or via Kia Twitter page at

Kia Brief History

Kia was founded in 1944. Its first headquarters were located in .

Kia Customer Service Options

Kia Online Customer Service and Other Useful Links

Kia Phone Numbers

    For customer service dial 1-800-333-4542. Via this number you can reach Kia support department. For other departments see table below:

  • Call Kia 800 number via 1-800-333-4542
  • Call Kia 800 number via 1-949-468-4800

Kia Customer Service Working Hours

You can call Kia customer service and reach live customer service agent during following working hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 9pm, Saturday: 9am - 1pm, Sunday: Closed. Call center phone number is 1-800-333-4542.

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