Comcast Corporation Headquarters, Corporate Office and Phone Number

Comcast Corporation is the world largest American telecommunication conglomerate providing the services of cable television, house security systems, HDTV, Internet, phone, VoIPphone.

Comcast Corporation owns 51% of the NBC Universal shares thus becoming a producer of many feature films, television programs and talk-shows, theatrical and exhibition broadcastings.

In addition to NBC Universal, the largest division of Comcast Corporation is Comcast Corporation. Its activity field is telecommunications themselves. As known, sport is a very profitable business, therefore Comcast actively invests in professional sports. Besides, the company sponsors Philadelphia Flyers ice-hockey team (NHL) and Philadelphia 76 basketball team (NBA).
Comcast Corporation is headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Comcast Corporation is a bright representative of modern family business.

In June, 1963, Ralph Joel Roberts (together with Daniel Aaron and Julian A. Brodsky) founded Comcast being its chief executive officer for 46 years. Today, the chairman and the chief executive officer is Ralph Roberts’ son Brian L. Roberts, who rejected other employment offers and came to his father’s company after college. Brian L. Roberts is Comcast’s executive vice-president.
Comcast Corporation’s subsidiaries are:


Comcast Interactive Media;

Comcast Spectacor;

Comcast Ventures;

The company’s management is constantly criticized for the low level of customers’ satisfaction, low level or total lack of competition in the majority of Comcast Corporation’s servicing fields. In 2010, the company received the title of “The Worst American Company” for a barrage of criticism. The Comcast Corporation’s managers promised to improve the situation. However, the title was repeatedly awarded in 2014.

Today, Comcast Corporation’s income is more than $80.4 billion, its total asset value is $180.5 billion, about 153 000 thousand employees work for it.